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    Eight concepts that company managers should possess.

    I. Performance First The most important thing for managers is to look at performance and ability, and promote and use them step by step. Performance is most convincing. The key is to decide from the three aspects of ideology, character and personal ability. You need to be motivated and passionate to do every job.

    Second, the goal must be higher. To develop faster, companies must set a speed several times higher than others in order to catch up with and surpass each other. To this end, managers must be able to withstand heavy burdens, tasks and targets, and have the courage to challenge higher goals.

    Third, the goal must be specific Management personnel must have the spirit of the company's business as their own business to operate. To be good at deepening, refining, and decomposing work goals, and to formulate meticulous and detailed plans, the goals must be concrete, not just verbal. As a manager, the key is to grasp the implementation and be good at guiding the situation. If the employees are not clear about what they are doing, they are incompetent.

    Fourth, institutionalization Managers should pay attention to the system and take the lead in complying. The system is an enterprise's management criteria. Everyone must abide by it, and managers must lead by example. Otherwise, it will cause management confusion. The process of enterprise institutionalization, standardization and serialization is the basis for enterprises to become larger and stronger.

    V. Responsibility The word "responsibility" is concise and profound. Position is responsibility. Parents must bear the responsibility of parents, children must bear the responsibility of children, employees have the responsibility of employees, and leadership has the responsibility of leadership. When the company gives you the position, it is the responsibility of you. And give you trust. Communication is required to fulfill responsibilities. Frequent communication is required for positions with unclear responsibilities. Repeated communication is required. Not only must responsibilities be fulfilled, but management personnel must also take responsibility for cultivating people.
    Sixth, courage, we must think clearly before doing things. Once the goal is set, we must pursue the confidence of winning, and we will certainly encounter difficulties and obstacles in the process of realization. As a manager, you must build confidence, have the courage to overcome difficulties, have the courage to take responsibility, and have the courage to admit your weaknesses and mistakes. You must have the courage to tell the truth. Always be pessimistic, not passive, not Be discouraged and be positive.

    7. Encouraging the advanced For the advanced collectives and individuals emerging in the market, production, and management process, our managers must make full use of the "incentive" criterion to give necessary recognition, bonuses, positions, and more More opportunities for creation and development. The reward must be timely in order to achieve good results.

    Eight, normal mind Set the position, straighten the mind, open-minded, it is very rare to have a normal mind, as a manager, we must first have a good mind, a good mind. If the mentality is very good, maybe you are not a very good manager, but you are still a good employee. If the mentality is not good, then I am afraid that it is not as good as an ordinary employee.

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