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    Improve procurement efficiency and reduce procurement costs

    Purchasing should focus on "improving procurement efficiency, discovering the value of information, strengthening price comparison management, and reducing procurement costs" as guidelines for procurement.

    Improving procurement efficiency: The work style should be "resolutely popular" and "only fight for the day and night." "Time is money" is particularly important for procurement. It is necessary to strengthen the internal management, pay attention to methods, increase accountability, and properly handle the relationship between "quality", "time" and "price" to ensure the smooth progress of production and engineering.

    Discovering the value of information: At present, market information is changing rapidly. How to effectively use information and discover information is a question worthy of consideration by the purchasing department. Information is divided into internal and external information of the enterprise. Internal information, such as the quality of raw and auxiliary materials, use effects, recovery rates, equipment quality, life, reliability, and applicability, etc., need to be constantly monitored and analyzed to explore its value. This reduces our costs. The content of external information is more complex and extensive. The most direct one is the fluctuation of market prices. Finding regularity among fluctuations, analyzing and predicting among fluctuations, and seizing opportunities for strategic procurement. This is very important for the procurement department to do. Content.
    Strengthening price comparison management: It is not easy for a company to come from scratch, step from step to step, and now it has taken shape and has some influence. In today's market economy, enterprises always face the grim reality of survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest, and cannot afford to relax in the slightest. They must always maintain this sense of survival and sense of crisis. Purchasing with price comparison is to fully reduce costs and improve efficiency. It is one of the effective means to enhance the competitiveness of products, and work in this aspect must be strengthened.

    In short, the Purchasing Department must strive to strengthen service awareness, enhance coordination and communication through the above three aspects to achieve efficient work and ultimately reduce procurement costs.

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