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    As the basic material of chemical industry, Industrial salt (sodium chloride) is used in industries popularly. Industrial salt is the material of fundamental chemicals such as HCL, NaOH, soda, ammonium chloride and chlorine gas. It also is widely used as material of organic synthesis. Moreover, it is used to produce soap, ceramics, glass, or used in daily chemicals, petroleum drilling, treatment fluid, completion fluid, petrochemical dehydration fluid, early strength agent, solidifying agent of coating, latex coagulant and papermaking additives.

    Formula: NaCl
    Appearance: white crystal
    Sodium chloride ≥95
    Moisture ≤0.20
    Water insoluble matter ≤1.0

    Standard performed: GB/T5462-2003
    Use: Mainly used to produce soda,soap,chlorine,causticsoda and also used in metallurgical industry,process hides pharmacy farming animal husbandry and fishery etc.
    Package: 50kg/bag.

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