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    CAS NO.:107-11-9
    Molecular formula:C3H7N
    Structural formula]:

    Appearance: Colorless liquid
    Density  0.7630 g/cm3, liquid
    Melting point −88 °C (−126 °F; 185 K)
    Boiling point  55 to 58 °C (131 to 136 °F; 328 to 331 K)

    As raw material for organic synthesis, pharmaceutical intermediate and Agrochemical intermediates

    Allylamine (Assay): 99.0 wt % min.  
    Water: 0.5 wt %  max.
    Platinum-Cobalt Color: 100 max.
    Diallylamine :0.2 wt % max.
    Triallylamine: 0.1 wt % max.

    Packaging, Transportation and storage:

    1. net 154kg per galvanized iron drum, ISO Tank
    2. keep away from heat, sparks and open flame. Follow rules for flammable liquids. Do not store near heat sources or expose to high temperatures. Store away from incompatible materials.

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