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    Methallyl Chloride

    Alias: beta-Methallyl chloride; 2-methylallyl chloride; 3-Chloro-2-Methylpropylene
    CAS NO.: 563-47-3
    Molecular formula: CH2C(CH3)CH2Cl
    Structural formula:

    Molecular Weight:90.55 
    Applications: The MAC is an important intermediate, widely used for medicines, pesticdies, perfumes, synthetic materials etc.; also as raw material for the synthesis of SMAS, carbofuran and Fenbutatin oxide. 

    Flash point -12°C
    Relative density 0.926-0.931
    Refractive index 1.4262-1.4282
    Boiling point 72.17°C
    Hazard class 3.2


    Characteristic Value
    Purity(wt%) ≥99.5
    Moisture(wt%) ≤0.02
    PH 5-7
    Color ≤3

    Packaging, Transportation and Storage:

    1. To be packaged with 200L Iron drum (PVF inside). Net weight to be 180 kgs/drum. ISO-TANK (2000kg net weight). 
    2. To be rainproof, moisture-proof and kept away from direct sunlight during transportation. 
    3. To be stored in dry, cool place.

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