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    Acrylic compound oil agent


    Anion surface active agent + nonionic surface active agent.

    Usage & Properties: 
    It can provide satisfaction cohesion,excellent lubrication,antistatic,less gummy feeling and heat-durable.It causes no over-lapping during winding in cutting method of PAN tow direct conversion and easily fabric-making in wool factory.The fiber-tow has handle of smooth and pliability and less voice of fraction between the fibers.The fiber coated the JQM-104 oil has a good machining in wool factory,less wool granules or rags produced.

    preparation of enusified liquid: 
    Weight exactly amount of demieral water to the receiver,heat to about 60-70°C.Add oil slowly to the stirring demineral water:After throughly stirring about 1-2 hour,stable liquid is obtained. 
    Concentration of emulsified liquid 2%.(by weight of effective ingredients)
    Optimum oiling 0.25-0.35%

    Packing: Iron barrel(200Kg each)

    The fiber treated with such oil has excellent antistatic property and proper smoothness,therefore the fiber has good spinability.

    According to the original concentration,the calculated amount of the oil is put into the agitator.Under stirring,the calculated amount of demineral water is added.After stirring for another 30 minutes,the solution is prepared for use.

    Packing:Iron barrel(200Kg each)

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